On April 29, 2015, police officer Kyle Ferreira was investigating a possible burglary in northern New Jersey and mistakenly went to the wrong location. When he approached the housing location and no one responded to his door knocks, he entered the house and proceeded to the rear. When reaching the back, he quickly noticed the window open and that’s the moment he drew his weapon. Once under the assumption of a robbery, he thought the suspect attempted escape from the back window. Soon after, the situation took a strange twist.

He shot four times hitting the dog twice after entering the wrong house. Before the attack, when officer Kyle Ferreira repeated the burglary location to the dispatcher and received no correction, he advanced to research the situation. When he turned his back from looking out the window, a German Shepherd suddenly leaped toward the officer causing an immediate violent reaction from the public servant. ” I couldn’t believe it. There was blood everywhere”, said owner Igor Vukobratovic, who left his house with several cousins for a short trip to a local mall.

At the animal hospital, the son was told that the dog had been shot once in the back, once in the side. One bullet had gone through his lungs and a fragment had entered his heart. Although more than a dozen people were working on the shepherd, his heartbeat had stopped, and he couldn’t be revived.

Vukobratovic told a newspaper publication that the dog has never attacked anyone before, and it was a protective dog. The family hopes the police department will improve procedures and training that will prevent something like this from recurring. Instead of entering 621 Lawlins road, he went into 622 Lawlins road, entering the wrong house shooting an innocent dog, according to Police Chief Benjamin Fox.

Source: North Jersey