Creep Life! Rihanna has had many stalkers over the years and her security has to be the tightest but there’s no way someone can get used to this. We all have our own little obsession with Rihanna but this guy is just different.

Earlier today a guy named Ralph Alexander took pictures outside what he claimed to be Rihanna’s house and posted them to his twitter account. He even had the nerve to ask her how to get in house. As you can probably imagine he got no response but he went on about how he should have killed her along time ago. This guy is sick.

The house is located in Los Angeles and luckily RiRi is in NY as she was spotted leaving JFK earlier today, but if that was her house, she may want to make sure her security is on point, because this guy has no chill button. Ralph’s twitter has since been deleted. Check the gallery for photos.

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