Robert Downey Tebowing

For a person who made over $30 million from Iron Man, you would think they would love to give back and make a couple of independent films. Well, for Robert Downey Jr., that will not happen. Find out why he feels this way after the jump.

Robert Downey Jr. is known for his profession of making impeccable motion pictures. He, however, loves that his roles are well thought out and perfectly executed. In his radio appearance with Entertainment Weekly, he explains his conflict with indie films.

“They’re exhausting and sometimes they suck and then you just go, ‘What was I thinking?’ But I’m interested in doing all different kinds of movies. Sometimes the little movies are the ones that wind up taking the most out of you because they’re like, ‘Hey, man, we’re just running a couple of days behind. Do you think you can stay through your birthday and then come back on the fourth of July. And, by the way, but, like, the crew—can you pay for the craft services? And, oh, by the way, man, when we go to Sundance, it’s like, can we just sit you in a chair and you can sell this for six days in a row so that we’ll make 180 bucks when it opens in one theater? God, this is so powerful what we’re doing. What do you think of the movie? You saw it last night?'”

Although honest, it’s hard to hear such an actor discredit the ones aspiring to obtain his level. Well, you can look at it like motivation to work harder, or never offer him an indie film role.

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