If you aren’t familiar with who John Singleton is he’s the guy who’s directed some classic movies. He’s got something new cooking up in the works that deals with the hard times of crack in the 80 and how hard it hit in LA.


You have seen and if you haven’t seen then you definitely heard of these movies likes Boyz N The Hood, Shaft, Baby Boy, 2 Fast 2 Furious. Yes he directed all of those movies, now he’s got something new in the works its called “Snowfall” a series which takes you into the rough times of when the crack epidemic hit the streets of L.A in the 80’s. Originally the series was suppose to be for showtime but the pilot for this new series was picked up by FX. The series is described as

“With the drug storm about to come, Snowfall focuses on a trio of main characters – ambitious dealer Franklin Saint, ex-Mexican wrestler and now gangster Gustavo Zapata and prodigal son Logan Miller.
“I have always been fascinated with that volatile moment in time before crack changed everything,” Singleton said. “It’s a tense, insane and sexy era that touched every aspect of our culture.” – Deadline

Is anyone interested in seeing this? I sure am.