In the world of television all we’ve been hearing about is the upcoming reboot of Full House, but today Tia Mowry was a guest on The Meredith Vieira Show and talked about a possible reunion for Sister, Sister. Check out the video after the jump.

“I would love to,” said Tia while sitting down with Meredith Viera and talking about a reunion with the Sister,Sister cast. The star said they are waiting for the right time to start such a project, considering the busy lives of twins. She said, “It’s all about timing. You know, I’m working on a show right now, and my sister, she’s working on a show, so we’ll see.”

For the sake of the fans the show will most likely be in future. “The fans they really want it, so we’ll give it to them probably,” Tia said.

Tia also let the viewers in a few interesting secrets about their relationship with the Full House twins, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Tia and Tamera’s younger brother Tahj played Teddy on Full House and they use to visit him on set and even babysit the Olsen twins.

How cute?!

Anyway, the idea of this reunion sounds great to me! Before we know it the TGIF lineup from the 90s will be back in full swing!

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Source Entertainment Tonight