Adrien Broner was put in handcuffs last night by Las Vegas Police but was never actually arrested. According to people at the scene, Broner wasn’t the problem to begin with. An over-aggressive security guard at the Tao nightclub inside the Venetian resort didn’t like the way Broner was dressed and the incident started there.


People in Adrien’s camp tell TMZ Sports … the 3-time world champ and 7 members of his posse went to Tao nightclub in the Venetian and plunked down $11k for a table. They say the host took the money and let them in, so they took the escalator up to the club and then things went south.

They say a security guard stopped them and said they had to leave because they weren’t dressed properly, claiming their jeans and shoes were a deal breaker. Adrien got pissed and said it was hip-hop night and Fabolous was performing, so they were not only dressed appropriately but others were wearing the same thing.

The guard wasn’t moved and ordered them to leave. Adrien refused so the guard called the cops.

Police came, cuffed Adrien and took him to a room. His people say police held the boxer for 20 minutes, let him go and then Adrien and his crew left the hotel.

Check out the video … you hear Adrien say, “They’re mad ’cause I’m rich” … something that seems to be a theme when Broner meets cops.