Michelle Obama stood in front of 2,000 high school students from 40 different Detroit schools today to take part in the city’s first College Signing Day. Want to hear some of The First Lady Michelle’s words of encouragement on the importance of an education? Tune in after the jump!

“So here’s my message: If I can do it, man, so can you. I am like you! There’s no magic here. I didn’t get here because I was rich or famous or had important people looking out for me. I got there because I worked hard. And if you get into college you have everything you need to get through college.”

Michelle stood in front of a crowd of high school students from all across Detroit to let them know education does not have to stop here! Trying to inspire the teens to reach for the stars she had some words of wisdom to share with the confused and unsure students.

“If you all do all this, you will succeed. I know you will. You will get that degree. And with that degree you will have the key to building the life of your dreams. This is the answer.”

She guided them to ask for help when needed, plan ahead, get involved on campus and that higher education is the path to take.

Leaving the audience inspired, so much positive feedback came from the students.

One student, Russell said “I love how she related to us, saying she was once in our shoes and we can do it.”

Another student added “She was so inspiring. She knows people are trying. The best part? When she told us, ‘Don’t give up’.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight | Detroit News