Toya Graham is the woman that has been called “Mom of the year”. Graham has started a great buzz in media when she beat her 16 year old son, Michael off the street for rioting in the Freddie Gray protest in Baltimore. Even Oprah wanted to hear from the Baltimore resident.

Graham 42, said that she was just trying to get her son off the street. She did not want him to become another Freddie Gray so she did want she thought she needed do. Please be aware Graham does not see her self as a hero.
Graham told CBS “This Morning”:

“I don’t. I don’t,”

“My intention was just to get my son and have him be safe.”

So you can imagine Graham’s surprise when she received a phone call from Oprah Winfrey to congratulate her!

Graham explained in an interview with “Inside Edition”

“My oldest daughter was actually on the phone. She was like, “Ma, Oprah wants to talk to you,” and I couldn’t hear exactly everything she was saying because I was like, “Oh my God, Oh my God”.
‘She actually took the time out to give me a call, just to say, “I understand why you did what you did”.

‘She talked about how she understands as a parent, as a single mom, what I was faced up against.

‘I just wanted to thank her for taking the opportunity to call me because I don’t feel like a hero or anything like that. I just love my son,”

From the incident Graham and her son Michael have been making media appears and interviews talking about their life and why she pulled her son out of the protest.

Below is the video of Graham talking about her phone call with Oprah.

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