Huh! Young Thug producer named Wheezy? Hold up, We knew he worked with London on da track, and producer Metro Boomin. We had no idea that most of his debut was done by a producer name Wheezy. 22 years old from Mississippi the young producer got his credentials up quick. Working with down south artist from T.I to Rich Homie Quan .

Leaving Mississippi to Atlanta was probably the smartest thing this kid ever did. But serious what are the odd’s that Yung Thug Producer named Wheezy. As if it isn’t bad enough he tried to name his mixtape/album (whatever he decided on) after LiL Wayne the Carter ,it seems like they have more in common with Weezy than we think. Although the producer Wheezy is not yet signed to a label he knows exactly how far he wants his career to go and its seem like it is more than possible.

Learning from his older brother at 15 Wheezy began producing. Him, Beat Monster, London on Da Track and people like 808 mafia all came up together. He clears the air saying his name is Wes, thats where he gets the nickname Weezy from. Realizing there’s already a Weezy in the game so he later changed it to Wheezy. Him and Young thug became friends through mutual friend Pee Wee Roscoe. When asked his thoughts about the rivalry with he respectfully said, they are in two different lanes. LiL Wayne is an icon and Thug is a rising star. Wheezy Hopes to work with Weezy in the future, but making sure people understand how good of an artist Yung Thug actually is. He said he has to keep up because Thug works so fast. Ha.. still cracks me up that out of all names, Yung thug producer is named Wheezy.

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