A 10 year is pregnant after being raped by her step-father. The authorities in Paraguay have denied her the right to an abortion. Check out the video after the jump.

On April 23 the young girl was brought into the hospital after complaining about stomach pains. After tests were preformed the results revealed that the pre-teen was 21 weeks pregnant. Her mother was taken into custody after it had been uncovered that the girl’s step father raped her.

Doctors requested to preform an abortion, however in Paraguay abortions are not permitted to be performed in cases of incest or rape, unless the life is in danger. They decided that the young girl’s life was not in danger.

he Center for Reproductive Rights is actively fighting this case. Board Members are concern that the girl’s life is in danger because she is so young. The government in Paraguay disagrees.

According to CRR’s information, the girl weighs less than 70 lbs. and delivering a child could result in “permanent damage,”

The advocacy advisor for the CRR Avila-Guillen says, “No 10-year-old is ready to be a mother. That will carry trauma for her whole family,” she continued, “I don’t think anybody—you don’t need to be doctor or an advocate or even understand these issues—would realize a 10-year-old with a pregnancy as a product of rape is just completely inhumane.”

The punishment for illegal abortions in the country can put a doctor, or even the woman herself, in jail for more than two years.

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Source Global Grind , Daily Beast