The state of justice in America is definitely up for debate. The 6 police officers charged with felonies in the death of Freddie Gray were taken into custody Friday night and released on bail today. In a shocking twist the officers bail was lower then that of one of the protestors that was arrested. Read more for the details and video on the case

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The 6 law enforcement officers taken into custody last night charged for the death of Freddie Gray have been released on bail today. TatWza reported yesterday when the news first broke that they were charged The 4 officers charged with felonies had bails set at $350,000 each were all released. The 2 officers charged with misdemeanors had bails said at $250,000 each were both released.

Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. who drove the van and took Gray to jail is facing a second-degree heart depraved murder charge with a max sentence of 63 years as well as 6 other charges. Officer Goodson Jr. is the only police charged with murder in this case. Lietueant Brian Rice as on a bicycle patrolling when he made eye contact with Gray and Gray ran away. Officer William Porter checked on Gray in the back of the van. Officer Nero handcuffed Freddie Gray and held him down and was another officer on bike patrol with Lieutenant Rice. Officer Garret Miller was also on bike patrol with Rice and Nero and apparently helped put Freddie Gray into the police wagon according to the prosecutors. Sergeant Alicia White was called onto the scene to investigate complaints made by citizens about Grays arrest.

In a disturbing twist of justice an 18 year old protestor who turned himself in had his bail set higher then the officer charged for the murder of Freddie Gray. Allen Bullock was captured on camera using a traffic cone to smash a police car window. His bail was set at $500,000 dollars. Bullock is facing 8 misdemeanor chargers his first as an adult with a life sentence being a possible outcome.

I guess in America police property is more valuable than a human life. At least according to Baltimore,Maryland destroying police property is more unlawful than severing someones spine in an unlawful arrest. This is going to be an important case in American history that is going to shine a light on the utter dismay of race relations along with the use of police brutality in this country.

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