There are a lot of famous cousins in Hollywood. Some you wouldn’t even guess were related and some they didn’t even know they were related. There are ancestry.com specialist who look into things like this for a living. Thats how she got real deep down into Justin Bieber’s roots to find out some of his famous cousins. Wale also has a famous cousin.

They went so deep into the roots of Justin Bieber’s famous cousins they found links to Celine Dion. Both from Canada it was discovered they are 10th cousins, along with Avril and Ryan Goslin. This group of famous cousins from Canada led people to wonder if there was some special genetics behind the talented family. With great great great grandparents who were also opra singers and musicians , it doesn’t sound far-fetched.

Artist Wale has a very famous cousin as well. If you were a fan of HBO’s hit show the wire , then you show remember Chris who was Marlo’s body guard and best friend. Gbenga Akinnagbe and Wale are another pair of famous cousins. Also seen in Law and Order SVU and movies like Barbershop Gbenga says he can remember passing out Wale’s mixtapes before he blew up.

Another random pair of famous cousins is Lenny Cravitz and Al Roker. They sat down and discussed it one day and came to the realization that the two are in fact cousins. There are tons and tons of famous cousins lingering around Hollywood . Is there really some sort of talented gene passed down from generation to generation creating string of human success ?

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