Tyga hasn’ t had the best year so far. He has been frequently in the spotlight for YMCMB conflicts, relationship drama and lawsuits. Here he is again with some more legal drama.

Last month during his L.A. Gear kicks release party, Tyga was served papers to appear in court by a guy who posed as a fan. Well according to TMZ, Tyga is being sued by his landlord because he fell behind on his rent payments. He rented a mansion in Calabasas in 2010 and never bothered to stay on top of the payments. Tyga appeared in court and was instructed to pay 90k to the landlord. The summons Tyga received at his release party was for him to appear back in court, since he refused to pay the money but he was a no-show.

In addition to showing up in court, Tyga’s lawyers offered to pay the landlord’s lawyer fees and the check bounced. Sources say that the landlord is very angry and is looking to have Tyga pay over 120k for the full judgment. If he doesn’t pay up, the landlord will seek to have a warrant issued for his arrest. Tyga posted a photo to his Instagram recently chilln’ poolside with a stack of hundreds. Hopefully he still has that money because it could come in handy to pay back the judgment he owes. Poor Tyga can’t catch a break.

Jen Mars: Twitter | Instagram