Yasiin Bey

Mos Def Says America Is A Very Difficult Place For Him To Create Music. Hop into the post for his exclusive interview with Beats By Dre and his explanation for why he has been “out of the game” for a while #IFWT!!

Mos Def had recently did a interview with Beats By Dre that really gave us a unknown understanding about how much he desires to not be boxed in as a “Conscious ” rapper. Mos Def breaks down his songwriting process as well and covers the hardships he comes across when creating music in America due to many social , political and economic friction in its current state.

Mos Def said :

“The writing process has become positively slower not in the sense that it is harder for me to come up with material,” Bey said. “But that I find myself these days spending more time on one piece. So by the time I get to the studio now, the material—the writing—is really in me. I feel really confident and relaxed and excited.”

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Mos Def continued with his beliefs about America’s chaotic nature and how it has deeply affected his life.

“America is a very challenging place for me. Sure, there [are] great business opportunities and familiarity and all of that,” he said. “Given the social, political and economic climate, it is very difficult—unnecessarily difficult—to create to the degree of fullness. The type of robust creativity that I like to have. It is very difficult for me to produce right here.”

It was just around last year that Mos Def was denied reentry into the United States reportedly due to Legal/immigration issues after living down in South America for a very long period of time. Mos Def is back in America to show love to his fans , performing in selected cities across the country.

Check out the full interview below as Mos Def explains how social issues effect his music. He also shares a recent moment he has with his long time friend Kanye West.