Angela Basset American Horror Story permanent cast member! If you have been following American Horror Story, you’ll know Basset came back last season for “Freak Show”. Based on a group of Circus freaks , Angela Basset came in to the clan as The 3 breasted woman married to the world’s strongest man. Looks like they loved her so much she will be a permanent cast member. Adding her Class and Sass yet again , she will have another lady co star adding fuel to all types of fires in the new season “Hotel”

Joining forces with Angeala Basset American Horror story calls in Lady Gaga !, YUP!, you heard right Gaga will be joining for the cast “Hotel”. Her and Angela Basset will be stirring up all kinds of trouble in the ballroom and other places in the hotel. That tid bit of information came out in a tweet from Ryan Murphy letting the cat out the bag about the duo next season. Produced by Twentieth Century Fox tv the show is set to air on FX in October.

Gaga and Angela Basset American Horror Story filming all summer long. Basset tweeted back to AHS & Glee creator saying “Looking forward to mixing it up!”. Only appearing as the voodo queen in season 3 and the three breasted woman in season 4, I’m sure all her fans can’t wait to get a peek of the 5th season to this creepy series. Rumors are going around that we’ll get to hear more of Lady Gaga’s old school musical numbers . If you saw her duet with Tony Bennett you ‘ll know she has that old school soul for that early 1920’s-1930’s style of music. Lady Gaga also leaked on twitter that she would be joining the cast in the new season.

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