Seems like just yesterday when we were watching Derrick Rose accept his MVP trophy during the 2011 season and getting ready to face LeBron and the Miami Heat. History has a habit of repeating itself and now we can watch the great match up between LeBron’s Cavs and Derrick’s Bulls. Click more to read the story!

LeBron and the Cavs have been off since April 26th when they swept the Celtics to move on to the next round. They have obviously had plenty of time to scope out Chicago’s game play but how will LeBron’s new transition to Cleveland match up to a progressively better–since recent years–Chicago team?

LeBron commented on the tasks of perhaps having to contain D.Rose if the situation calls for it, “If I need to guard Rose at anytime, I can do it. I can guard anyone on their team, 1 through 5. The time and the score will dictate.” As always LeBron is prepared to take over but is the rest of his team? Obvious losses in Kevin Love (shoulder) and JR Smith (Suspension), the Cavs have some work ahead of them–at least for the first two games.

This series will definitely be one for the books, especially when you take into account the history that Joakim Noah and LBJ have when it comes to playoff basketball. Even recently in the regular season, Noah had some choice words for the King, so that just magnifies the intensity of this series between the Bulls and Cavs.


Source: Chicago Tribune