Sad but true.. Django actress, Daniele Watts, was forced to apologize to Los Angeles police after speaking up for racial profiling. There is nothing new under the sun.

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Of course, even the sweet actress, Daniele Watts, can’t even stand up for herself. The star was spotted in a steamy sex scene right out side of CBS studios. Random cock blockers got jealous and just had to ruin the fun as usual. Police were notified and Watts and her boo got in trouble by the police. Watts boyfriend is Caucasian and she spoke up about racial profiling. Watts suggested that the police may have targeted her and her boo because of their interracial mix. The actress’s freedom of speech got her in trouble. This is crazy!

Watts had to write a full blown apology letter to Jim Park. To top things off, 40 hours of community service is added on to her punishment. Is this even fair? This is America and citizens are entitled to freedom of speech. It wouldn’t be a surprise if cops were racial profiling due to the fact that darker skinned individuals get murdered for no reason. what are your thoughts on this? This is the reality that we currently tolerate and live in.