Attack of they Bey’s hit Kim K , after the Bey Hive fan club raided Instagram. Last night at the Met Gala Ball 2015 there was a lot of chitter chatter about Kim Kardashian and Beyonce and everyone else’s outfit choices for the night. . Both wearing sheer see through sequenced gowns leaving not much to the imagination, but keeping the class . J Lo also had a similar style dress but in a different color but yet the shade as usual went to Kim.

Before anyone could say anything about either one being a copy cat Mrs. Kim Kardashian West posted a picture of singer Cher at the very first Met Gala event ever, setting off the attack of the Bey’s. A very old school rendition of what seemed to be a see through dress is what she called her inspiration for 2015’s Met Gala Ball. Only Beyonce fans thought otherwise. Under every picture for the rest of the night Bee emojis were put thousands of times by angry fans on Kim’s instagram. Obviously insinuating that the real inspiration for her dress was in fact Queen Bey. So how did she handle her attack of the Bey’s ?

Poor thing kept explaining. I personally think that was whats in style we all know these girls all have designers who chose their outfits. While under the attack of they bey’s Kim posts a picture with Cher at the event. Listing all the things they talked about including the dress that was her inspiration. By now things have died down but last night during the ball ton’s and ton’s of Bea’s from the “Bey Hive” (what beyonce’s fan group has been named) were flooding Kim’s Instagram notifications with Beas. Check gallery for more photos of the attack of the bey’s.

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