The isolation saga continues. Last week, B.B. King suffered from a minor stroke, however, his manager Laverne Toney had refused to take him to get medical attention. At the time, it was B.B.’s daughter Patty King who began the battle with Toney for the neglectful steps she has taken to care for her father, and now, his daughter Karen Williams is stepping in.

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B.B. King is on his death bed, but for his manager, the money is the motive. Williams claims that in April of 2014 alone, $453,000 was taken from her father’s account.

According to TMZ, it is the manager who says that B.B. is on his death bed, but she still refuses to take him to the dentist to treat his abscesses, because she says he’s broke. However, Williams claims B.B. had a $5 million balance in his account just last year. So, what happened?!

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While the blues musician remains in a unhealthy state, Toney not only keeps his children away from him, but also his celebrity friends … Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton. This is one of those times where the law needs to step in.