Boston marathon kiss gone wrong , very wrong! What could have turned out to be quite the love story went a little south after the pic went viral spreading all over the internet. A female runner in the Boston marathon, all the way from Tennessee, happened to have a kiss with a mystery man. Someone happened to get capture this random intense kiss on camera. Having this special moment at such a special event added almost a magical touch to the picture leaving her wondering who he was.

The daughter of the infatuated runner decided to post the picture of the Boston Marathon kiss all over social media telling the story. In hopes the mystery man would come forward and possibly re kindle the kiss with her mother. Still wondering how this sentimental kiss fest ended up being Boston Marathon Kiss gone wrong ? Well instead of him reaching out, the wife of the man came forward by sending a letter responding to the photo !! Fox news covered the story letting us know exactly how the wife of the kisser handled such a public situation like this.

Shocked and a little disappointed, Barbara Tate began to read the letter and was rather relieved that the wife wasn’t angry at all. In fact it seemed as if she already knew about the kiss or was okay with it. She respectfully responded to the photo of her husband kissing this marathon runner and stated that the attention was fun , but the couple would rather remain anonymous. Barbara immediately responded back to the now mystery wife to this mystery man apologizing for releasing the photo and for any embarrassment they have caused. Thankfully no damage was done , or was it?

Fox News
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