Good Deed

Homeless kid doubles money he returned by doing the right thing. A teenage young man name Montrez found a Five hundred dollar money order in the Mission’s Center for Hope shelter he was currently staying in. Without hesitation Montrez immediately told the staff . This child’s mother must be very proud.

First thing that came to his mind of this North Carolina teen was his mothers years of telling him , treat others how you would want to be treated. Luckily the homeless kid doubles money by doing so. Admitting if this was a few years ago he probably would have had to think about whether or not to return it. Instead of letting his hard times he was going through in life dictate the need for money, he quickly did the right thing. That was the best thing he could have ever done. The rightful owner of the $500 money order was actually a person working two jobs and also understands the struggle. Being so grateful for the kids nice gesture and wanting to prove to him that good deeds defiantly do not go unnoticed they thought of a way to pay him back.

We are all familiar with the popular website Go Fund Me. Dedicated to survivor stories or people in genuine need to raise money , the public is able to donate for your particular situation. As of Friday morning over 1100 dollars had been raised for the teen. The Reality Project, a Durham nonprofit, and Carolina Aces Bike Club set up the account to honor him. Proud success story asthe homeless kid doubles money he returned. Thankful for all he has learned at his stay in the shelter they are honored to have him and to see the positive changes he is already making in life.

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