When you think of the Republican Party, you may think of the wealthy, the 1%, the “Obama Haters”, mostly terms one would associate with whites. But, the GOP has been trying to change it’s image, although it’s policies may or may not follow suit. World renown, Detroit native, neurosurgeon, Ben Carson has just announced that he will be running as a Republican candidate for Presidency. He’s the strongest African American candidate the party has presented, and some are dubbing him the “Republican Version of Obama.”

Carson is most known for being the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins at the head, and is very popular in his local community. However, many are wondering why the doctor is turning to politics. Even if he is suddenly so moved to get involved; Why not run for Mayor, or Governor first? The city of Detroit could use his help. (I’m Just Saying!) I think Carson deserves the respect to at least be heard. He’s already stated he is not a politician, and has no interest in being politically correct. He doesn’t want to be a politician, yet he so boldly represents a political party! Maybe it’s because he shares the parties hatred for the Obama administration. Some advocates say he’s such a special member of the GOP that he’s needed in office to influence other members on Capitol Hill. What does that say about the GOP??? Not because they’re influenced by a black man, but because they’re influenced by someone with no political experience; yet, will not compromise with someone of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton’s stature.

I’m not picking sides, I’m just stating the facts.

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Source: CNN