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Miley Cyrus has officially put her new organization in motion!
“The Happie Hippie Foundation” which launched today raises awareness towards homelessness and LGBT youth (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender). Wanna know more? Tune in after the jump!

“I’ve experienced fame, money and all that sh**, and none of it will make you as happy as when you’re actually fighting for something.”

Cyrus is hoping for more than just fundraising for the cause, she wants to make a difference. Aside from all proceeds going towards homelessness and LGBT youth, she plans to open up digital support groups to help prevent young teens from running away from home, or being rejected from their families because of their sexual preference or orientation since about 40% of the homeless youth identify with LGBT.

She chose the specific focus of her foundation : “Because it’s something that we all see every single day. It’s like the birds chirping, we just ignore it because we’re so used to it. You’re looking down at your phone, but you never look at someone who’s sitting there and needs help.”

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Source: ET Online | Daily News