Just as Biggie said, “More money, more problems.” Just as Mayweather raked in his huge payday fresh off his fight with Pacquiao, he finds himself in more legal trouble, as his baby-mama’, Josie Harris, who has three kids with Mayweather, is suing the champ for 20-Million!

Josie Harris is claiming that Mayweather is defaming her character by claiming that Harris was in a drug-fueled rage and had to be restrained during their argument that landed Mayweather in prison for 2-months back in 2010, during a interview with Katie Couric, before his bout with pacquiao.

Harris is saying that because of Mayweather’s lies, its caused her a huge amount of embarrassment and humiliated her in front of a huge amount of people.

Harris side of the story claims that Mayweather entered her home in a furious rage and viciously attacked her in front of their children, which one of their kids even wrote a hand-written-letter, claiming this is true.

While 20-million may sound like a huge amount to us regular-folk, it is reported that Mayweather made upwards of 200-million after his fight with Pacquiao, so this may just be some hush-money for him to get his name out the press, but, we’ll see.