Kylie Jenner Goes Back To Black

The secret’s out! Yes, Kylie Jenner has had surgery on her lips. So, you can stop putting your lips in bottles trying to duplicate her look! The E! Channel aired a clip from a coming episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, in which Kylie does a voice-over admitting she has temporary lip fillers. Check out the video!

Kylie has been very popular lately. Her new looks, boyfriend, wardrobe and photos have all been in the spotlight. Of course, her father’s (mother’s???) sex change has been a huge story also, but Kylie is sort of new to all this. So, it’s natural for her to be a little shy, and avoid certain questions (and maybe lie a little) . In this video, Kylie Jenner admits to getting her lips done. She explains that she’s insecure about her lips, and why she wasn’t up-front with the media about it. Is this girl even 18 yet??

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Source: Vlad TV