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In March, I reported that former NBA star Larry Johnson had filed for bankruptcy and reportedly owed  more than $120,000 to four different baby mothers in back child support.  Well according to one of those four women, Johnson isn’t broke at all because he actually stashed $26 million in a private account years ago!

Laura Tate — one of those mothers — has filed docs saying Johnson has only been paying her $1,000 per month for child support when he’s supposed to be forking over $11k. She also says he set up a trust in 2006, and filled it with the $26 million.

Tate wants the judge to liquidate LJ’s assets so she can collect $870k. She’s also upset because she says some of the other baby mothers are getting more than her.

Johnson should totally be taking care of his children but it also sounds like a case of greed and jealousy is at work here.  Unfortunately he can’t really blame anyone but himself.

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Source: TMZ Sports