Toroidion, a Finnish automobile company is working on a 100% electric “hypercar” pushing out 1,341 horsepower! This technology makes Tesla look silly! However, the car is still in the works and right now they’re dealing with a noise issue, due to the four motors needed to provide such power. The design has a retro feel, with butterfly doors and enough room for airline sized luggage.

Pasi Pennanen, CEO of Toroidion, says the company plans to build 100 Toroidion 1MW cars and deliver them to pre-ordering customers in about 2 years. Funk Flex and Tat Wza, place your orders now! The hyper car will range between $1.5 and $3.5 million for the first batch! It may be worth it to those in the market for an electric muscle car. The 1MW differs from the Tesla because the battery can be removed and charged indoors using a normal outlet; or it can be left in the car to charge with provided plugs. Toroidion’s 15 employees have been working on the car and it’s battery technology for four years.

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Source: CNN