Of the 234 woman recently rescued by the Nigerian army after being abducted by Boko Haram, 214 of them are pregnant!

The Boko Haram militants in kidnapped hundreds of women and girls since last year. Of that over 200 that have been rescued are found to be pregnant.

Nigeria has been getting hit hard from the kidnapping, death and now pregnancies. The UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) has stepped in to offer prenatal services and psychological care to the pregnant women. A statement released by the UNFPA says that the current number of pregnancies are just of those who are visibly pregnant or has just recently given birth. They are currently continuing the screening process of pregnancies and diseases that the women may have encountered from the kidnapping

Binta Abdullahi, a survivor from the kidnapping almost a year ago, told the “Australian Broadcasting Corporation” that she was spared from being wed off to a Boko Haram member because she was pregnant when she arrived. The clan warned her that she would be forced to wed after she gave birth or she would be sold as a slave if she refused.

“They said since we would not marry them they would sell us as slaves at the right time. Fortunately I was rescued a day after giving birth. I thank God.”

said Abdullahi.

The women had to endure sexual encounters and train to physically fight each other. Then being sold off to Boko Haram members all by force.

Women and children are continuing to be found and rescued from the Boko Haram kidnapping which happened a year ago. We still pray that all of their girls are brought back home.

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