_Cops Taser Father As He Tried To Save Son From Dying In House Fire

Michael Flaig, a 30 yrs old Anne Arundel County Police Officer, was charged with assault after a fight on Cinco de Mayo May 5, 2015, behind Looney’s Bar in Baltimore’s South Linwood neighborhood.

According to the document, Flaig was fondling a woman when her roommate and friend saw what was happening and intervened. The alleged assault victim got into a fist fight with Flaig, and the off duty police officer ended up on the ground. Then, while he was in a compromising position with the alleged victim on top of him, Flaig allegedly bit the victim in the crotch and ran off. A woman witnessed the event and approached responding officers with a description of Flaig. According to Anne Arundel County Police, Flaig’s police duties have been suspended while he is on paid administrative leave.


Flaig is assigned to the Northern District, which neighbors Balitmore, and he is a 10-year veteran of the county police department. The department apologized in a statement to a local television station. It’s a crazy situation. My only happiness is that this Maryland Cop that bit a man’s testicles, did not do it in Baltimore.