After Matt Barnes apologized to James Harden’s mother what can we expect for game 3? #IFWT reported that Barnes apologized to Harden’s mother after her son approached him about the situation but where does this leave them on the court? Click more to read the story!

“S*cK my d!*k b*tH$”, that statement caused Matt Barnes to get receive a technical foul during game 2 of the Western Conference Playoffs. But words are just words right? Apparently not since Matt Barnes found himself apologize for the insults he spewed during the game. Siding with Harden’s mom in not wanting anyone’s mother to be disrespected since his own mother passed away from cancer, Matt Barnes seemed truly apologetic with his statements toward Harden’s mother.

Where does this leave the two on the court though? Of course asking them directly, the players are saying they are simply channelling energy to get the win in game 3 but Josh Smith did comment on the situation, “…I know how I’d be if something was said to one of my loved ones. But everybody’s focused. We understand and we know what it takes to compete.” Ironically, Harden and Barnes match up on the floor so we can definitely count on a good match up in this evenings game.

James Harden also took time to comment on his and the team’s focus for game 3, “In any situation you talk about somebody’s parents that’s just disrespectful…But I’m focused on game 3. We’re focused. We’re locked in. There’s going to be some great intensity,” and reading between the lines I’m sure we are in for nothing short of a good show and whether or not the means some hard fouls and arguments on floor, I’m definitely ready. Harden and the guys should focus on the task at hand though, it is very likely that CP3 will make his debut in this series!


Source: Houston Chronicle