Floyd Mayweather is a great boxer, marketing guy, entertainer & more but he might also be able to see into the future, judging from this 2009 interview.


The aftermath of the biggest fight in history is getting more attention than the fight itself did. All the talk is about Pacquiao’s shoulder injury or how boring the fight was with Floyd himself being the target of all the negativity, despite the fact he dominated the fight.

As the world would have it, Floyd correctly predicted basically everything that would happen post fight between him & Pacquiao way back in 2009.

Throwback to November 15, 2009… As a visionary, I predicted both the outcome and what people would say #TBT

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Floyd is no dummy when it comes to business and although people want to try and joke on his reading ability or intelligence level, it’s clear the guy knows what he is doing and knows the sport of boxing.