It’s not really News to find out that Lil Wayne isn’t a fan of Young Thug, he has mad that pretty clear on numerous occasions. Though a couple words TMZ was able to catch with them was pretty interesting. Hop into the post to check out how Lil Wayne curves Young Thug.

Lil Wayne was chilling, no stress, nothing but smiles on his face as he was walking up to his awaiting ride leaving a performance. Right before he enters the car you can see in the video that Lil Wayne was stopped and asked a quick question from some press.

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In the video , you can see that as Lil Wayne is walking towards the reporter, the reporters asks him about Young Thug and there ongoing “beef”, Lil Wayne very quickly responded with an answer that totally changed the topic.

It was first instinct was to speak on how much he loves his daughter when asked about Young thug so it looks like Lil Wayne planned not to speak on the situation again until further notice.

But you can watch the full video below to check out Lil Wayne Quickly Changes Subject When Asked About Young Thug.