Everyone knows Drake LOVES Houston. He might not say it publicly but he might even like H-town more than his home of Toronto. The reason?? Well like he says he likes his girls “bbw” and Houston is the home of the thickest women in the country. Yes that’s a fact, I checked, lol. Houston in return loves Drake, they even made him part of H-town appreciation week earlier this year. Turns out though there is one group of people, specifically women, who aren’t big fans of his. Houston Texans cheerleaders.


The cheer squad stopped by “H-Town Live” on 104.1 KRBE in Houston on Friday to talk music and pop culture … when the host put them through a fun rapid question and answer sesh.

But you have to watch the reaction when he asks if any of them would ever date Drake — a guy who spends A LOT of time in Houston.

It’s a mass rejection.

Question is … do you actually believe them???