OG maco_IFWT

The Nigerian Native, OG Maco, has contributed to hip hop’s evolution just like many new aged artist. Maco recently sat down with DJ Vlad and discussed race and Hip hop. OG Maco might be hesitant when Iggy and Macklemore are brought up in conversation.

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Azealia Banks is not the only one that feels like Hip hop culture has been robbed and exploited. OG Maco of OGG might feel the same way as well. OG Maco is displeased with artist like Iggy and Macklemore and questions the reason why their names are even brought up. Stars like Miley Cyrus and Iggy have a huge following and growth and get lots of media and attention. Iggy and Miley’s style some what emulate what a lot of female African- American artist been doing for a long time. This is what OG Maco does not get.

OG Maco even brings up Kylie and her plastic lips. He brings up the idea that Kylie just loves black genes. There has been some exploitation of Hip hop. The work ethic and talent that some artist have may get less attention. Pop celebrities may use the same language, dance and culture as Hip hop and steal the attention, media and sales.