Delaware police officer has been indicted on assault charges after being caught on camera kicking a suspect in the face. You can see the footage of the vicious attack after the jump.

The video shows Dover police officer Thomas Webster approaching the suspect Latif Dickerson after a fight broke out back in 2013. The dashboard cam of another officer captured Webster attacking Dickerson.

You can see the video shows Webster ordering the suspect to the ground and before he even lays down Webster kicks him in the face knocking him unconscious and breaking his jaw.

Webster was placed on leave waiting for the results of the investigation. In 2014 a grand jury did not indict him. However the Delaware Attorney General’s office brought the case in front of a second grand jury. Webster was indicted on assault charges earlier this week.

The Delaware Police Department is receiving backlash for the Delaware chapter of the NAACP for the department’s decision to release the video. They wanted time to have any tension that it would cause the public to be redirected

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