In a recent interview with VladTV, Sophia discusses some of her favorite cakes in the industry. Sophia even gets a little gassed when some mentioned her wagon as one of the nicest. Click more to see the video!

Ahh, the modern woman and the appreciation for a nice butt. It really does not get much better than that, right? VladTV recently released an interview with Sophia Body and she rated some of her favorite industry cakes. As somewhat of a surpise, as many women tend to mention the Kardashian Klan with efforts to get some type of “boost,” Kim K or her lovely sisters were not mentioned in the list.

Sophia did, however, mention that Blac Chyna has to be one of her favorite industry cakes. You see what I did there, you see me (Flex Voice)! Cannot argue with that candidate–at all–despite Joe Budden coming at her neck saying her butt describing her butt as “fake, hard, nasty, and disgusting,” I say the jury is still out on that one until the test is done in person. Doubtful that will ever happen.

Sophia Body On Asses…

The funniest part of the interview, though, had to be when she mentioned Cam’ron’s response to her “fake ass” as she put it. Seems like Sophia got a little gassed off the compliment by the Dipset General as she said he commented, “Cam’ron said I have one of the nicest fake asses that he’s ever seen.” I guess in 2015 it is acceptable that the booty may not be 100% authentic. I personally prefer the au-natural but if its sitting nice and has that movement, its all good on this side. Sophia kind of downplayed the GODDESS that is Ju-Ju but admitted that she also has a nice back side. Top 5 if you ask me!!


Source: VladTV