Kylie Jenner has been in the media so much these days, from her lips to her relationship with 25-year old rapper Tyga, her life has been under a microscope. She finally took to twitter today to address some of these rumors, including her SnapChat video where she appeared to be saying ‘I’m high as f**k.’ Check out more after the jump.

A Snapchat video of Kylie Jenner allegedly saying saying ‘I’m high as f**ck’ has been floating around the internet and along with rumors that she’s failing out of high school. The reality star hopped on twitter to clear all that up.

In regards to the video she posted,

‘I did a snapchat saying my chicken was “good as f*ck” eating Popeyes for the 1st time and apparently people think I said high as f*ck’ she added ‘I DID NOT say that.’

And regards to her failing out of school she said,

‘I do school every weekday 🙂 again don’t believe everything you read’

She also added to her tweet rant, ‘sorry to disappoint everyone who thinks I’m this wild child. The media is mean & I try not to look @ it. So sorry 4 the late statement’

Well I guess that clears everything up, for now… I’m sure there will be scandalous reports for this young star to come.

Check the gallery for more pics of Kylie and the tweets.

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