“All my watches always timeless, you can keep the diamonds.” The perks of making over 100 million dollars, #TheLife. Carmelo takes to Instagram to show off a new watch. Click more to check it out!

There is a saying somewhere out there that in life, you come to a point where the simple things become the best option. No tints on the whip and no diamonds in your time piece. And it look like Carmelo has reached that point in his life.

Carmelo recently went to Instagram to display a new Greubel Forsey GMT time piece. A simple watch that has a standard sized face but is wrapped in titanium and is held up by two black leather straps. As simple as the watch may look, it is definitely not your ordinary watch. The art of the watch comes in its make up as the Greubel piece is said to be made with the most precise mechanics in synchronizing time.

The most impressive thing about the watch is probably not its make up or appearance though. The price tag on the watch is going for $565,000. Carmelo reportedly has not purchased the watch just yet but he is said to be very interested in the piece. When your check is about $431,892 every other week, I think it is safe to say that Carmelo can more than afford to buy this watch.

If you got it, you might as well spend it because you can’t take it with you. Besides, whats life if you are not treating yourself, right?


Source: Bleacher Report || Greubel Forsey