I realize Brittney Griner & Glory Johnson have been engaged to get married for a while now, but based on what happened just a couple weeks ago, it is surprising that they suddenly went through with the deed.



WNBA star Brittney Griner has tied the knot with the woman who cut and bit her during a blowout fight that resulted in their arrests just 2 weeks ago.

Britney and Glory Johnson said “I do” in Phoenix Friday, a week after Brittney pled guilty to disorderly conduct. Glory wore a full length strapless gown, and Brittney a business suit with tennis shoes.

It’s a risky move … getting hitched after a fight that left both of them bloodied and injured. In fact, on the day of the arrest Brittney told cops she and Glory were having serious relationship issues.

Nonetheless, it looked like a beautiful wedding.

Good luck to both.