Lebron James & The Cavs lost a classic playoff game to the Bulls last night thanks to Derrick Rose and his incredible buzzer beating three pointer. The game could have went either way as it was a battle throughout the night and the Bulls got the final possession. After the game a reporter couldn’t help point out to Lebron that Kyrie Irving had no assists.


Earlier in the season there as a game against the Jazz where Kyrie had zero assists and Lebron let him know that’s not how you play point guard and that will never happen again.

Since last night it once again happened, in a playoff game no less, the reporter just had to try and make things awkward between the teammates as he wanted Lebron to basically trash Kyrie while he is sitting right there himself. Kyrie had a very bad game which definitely contributed to the loss, but many factors contributed to it as well.

Kyrie’s face says it all as the question is asked.