Text messages containing homophobic and racial slurs written by San Francisco officers have been released creating an uproar in the city and 3,000 arrests under scrutiny. See the full story and video after the jump!

Further investigation of potential bias of past prosecutions in San Francisco is being led by the city’s top prosecutor whose bringing in a team of out-of-town judges to review thousands of cases.

Cruz Reynoso, Dickran Tevrizian Jr and LaDoris Hazzard Cordell are the judges who will look further into the possibility of a “deeper culture of bias” that may exist in the department George Gascon, District Attorney stated at a news conference this week.

The police chief of San Francisco suggests firing 8 officers who are participants in the scandalous texts which include a captain and a sergeant.

The text messages among the officers included ‘cross burning’ references and opinions that it would be okay to shoot a black person because it’s “not against the law to put an animal down.”

Gascon Said: “When a police officer engages in misconduct, there are significant implications for public safety and for the public trust, particularly in our minority communities. And we must do everything that we can to restore that trust. If just one individual was wrongly imprisoned because of bias on the part of these officers, that’s one too many.”

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Source: CNN