50 cent has found himself in the middle of a criminal investigation after a jeweler claims that 50’s crew beat him and stole $250K worth of jewelry. Read more after the jump.

The owner of LAX Jewelry Co, Robert Marin flew to Las Vegas during the weekend of the big fight. He planned to sell 50 a watch and chain totaling $250K. Everything was going smoothly when he met 50 at club Drai. He showed him the jewels and 50 wanted them. They stayed in the club until the early morning hours but still needed to negotiate a price.

When their night was over at the club 50 and his crew invited Marin back to Mayweather’s gym. According to a report with TMZ this was an offer Marin could not refuse. Upon arrival at the gym things started to get crazy. Marin claims that two of the guys in 50’s crew beat him, pistol whipped him, stole the jewelry and ran.

Marin filed a police report and his claims are being investigated. 50’s camp says that the claim made by the jeweler is complete bull. 50’s attorney released a statement saying, “On behalf of 50, I can adamantly deny that he or his security had anything to do with these baseless and false allegations.”

Check out the jewels in the gallery.

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Source TMZ