After Drake taunts those Murda Mook battle rumors that have been going on for FOREVER, a slick shot may have turned into a real thing. Will Tsu Surf really battle Murda Mook? Will that get Drake to finally Battle Murda Mook For himself? Well Hop into the post to find out! #IFWT

Drake’s challenge to Murda Mook at last night’s “Night of the Main Events 5” was heard throughout the entire battle rap community including Tsu Surf, who shared his thoughts on the possible battle this weekend. Well something that started as a light jab may turn into one of the best battles of this year.

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Once Drake was asked about why it’s been taking so long for him to battle Murda Mook, he then replied that he would like to see Murda Mook beat Battle rap veteran Tsu Surf first. Tsu Surf was a little to busy to hop in due to battling Tay Roc but he had some time to tweet Murda Mook about Drake’s request.

“Now leave me alone until Mook ready” Tsu Surf said. Just recently the Newark rapper was seen with Drake on Instagram captioning their photo, “(Drake) said he F*** with a young n****. Tsu Surf also tweeted out to Murda Mook, leaving fans wondering ig we can expect an upcoming battle from the two heavyweight Battle MC’s.

You can read the tweets going back and forth above in the gallery.

Watch the video of Drake taking shots at Murda Mook Here. #IFWT

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