Last Monday, McDonald’s began testing out a delivery service in New York City. Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn will be the guinea pig for this new operation.

The chain says that delivery fee will be contingent on the geographic distance traveled by the courier as well as a traditional service charge. If you remember, Chipotle and Starbucks announced their delivery options, so CEO Steve Easterbrook’s plan to reinvigorate the fastfood chain’s business similar to competitors.

For years, McDonald’s Asia has been delivering, where motorbikes and scooters bearing the famous yellow and red colors. Postmates, a startup company specializing in delivering many items, is in conjunction with McDonald’s to present an fruitful customer service experience.

If successful, the service will expand to other cities across America. All of this news comes as establishments like Chipotle have provided exceptional speedy and convenient delivery service and high quality food. Postmates also works close with Chipotle and other companies.

Already, Burger King has offered delivery in select regions since 2012. Others are experimenting with quicker takeout: Taco Bell lets customers order and pay in advance on its mobile app, and Starbucks said it plans to offer mobile pay-ahead later this year. I might have to check out how McDonald’s delivers in NYC.