In the world of online marketing, you have to be quick when looking for your next business move. After yesterday’s game 3 showdown between the Washington Wizards and the Atlanta Hawks, Paul Pierce made some quotable statements in a post game interview and the turn around was amazing! Click more to read the full story!

In typical Paul Pierce fashion, #34 lived up to his nick name, “The Truth” as we watched him break the hearts of the Atlanta Hawks and their fans. Like we have seen so many times in Boston, especially in the playoffs, in a clutch situation with the clock running out of life, Paul Pierce hits an unbelievable step back shot that banks off of the back board for the game 3 win.

In a post game interview, ESPN’s Chris Broussard asks Paul Pierce about the bank shot, “Did you call bank,” and Pierce responds, “I called game!” And just like that, a new Tee was born. A company named BreakingT who is known for turning current events into sayings on T-shirts–usually hours after it happens–took the Paul Pierce sound byte and ran with it.

In just a couple hours following the game, the company took to Twitter to begin marketing the T-Shirt. With the great win that the Wizard’s had over the best team in the Eastern Conference, I imagine that the tees will probably sell quickly! You can purchase the T-shirt from their site for about $22. To anyone that had this same idea, YOU GOTTA BE QUICKER THAN THAT!


Source: @BreakingTco