I’m not sure how many people are going to find a joke about domestic violence funny but nonetheless, here we are. I’m sure the Floyd Mayweather haters out there will find it funny, but if other people who joke about domestic violence have to always issue this big apology and clear things up, then it will be interesting to see if SNL does, but it’s doubtful. Last night during the “Weekend Update” segment of the show, the topic of a Floyd vs Manny rematch came up and they used the opportunity to fire a shot at Mayweather.


The media really did a good job painting the MayPac fight as good vs evil because for whatever reason many people have completely forgotten how foul of a life Pacquiao used to live himself. We aren’t here to bash either fighter but SNL sure was.

Do you think the joke was too much or do people need to lighten up?

Shout to The Cauldron for the clip