The NBA Playoffs are a time where players are defined by their will to win. Finding ways to better your team against all odds in order to make it to the next round; this is exactly what the Golden State Warriors are facing. Click more to read the full story!

When it comes to the NBA playoffs, especially in the Western Conference, you really have no idea what to expect. This year’s playoffs continue to live up to that hype as the Golden State Warrior–the league’s best regular season team–find themselves trying to push and even up the series with the Memphis Grizzlies.

The heart of the Memphis Grizzlies, Tony Allen and Michael Conley, have been all over the offensive weapons of the Warriors that are Curry and Thompson. Forcing them to put up shots out of rhythm, forcing them to stay away from the painted area, and ultimately forcing them to continue go to Steph Curry who has been known to bail them out in the past. Couple this along with the size and defensive pressure of the Grizzlies and the Warriors have some trouble.

How can they fix this though? Well, since Curry and Thompson are being strapped up by Conley and Allen alike, in my opinion they need to act as decoys to get Draymond Green open. He prolific player that can handle the three ball which is a huge part of the Warrior’s offense. More importantly though, Curry will have to take his MVP talents and make better decision about ball distribution and shot selections.

If the Warriors happen to lose game 4, they will find themselves in a pretty big hole being down 3-1. A pivotal moment in the Warrior’s franchise but perhaps even more important in the legacy of Steph Curry. After winning the regular season MVP award, it would be huge stain on his resume if he is not able to propel his team forward or at least go out blazing.