A tragic day for the New England Patriots as we watched Tom Brady get suspended for the deflate gate scandal and the story continues to get worse for the fallen star, Aaron Hernandez. Today we learned that Hernandez will be facing new charges that are associated with the two murder cases he currently has open. Click more to check the full story!

Just when we were thinking it could not possibly get any worse for the former New England Patriot, Hernandez, it does. As we know, Hernandez was already convicted of murder surrounding the killing of Odin Lloyd back in 2013 but Hernandez is also facing two more murder cases stemming from an incident that took place in Boston in 2012.

According to the Associated Press, Hernandez was indicted on the two murder charges from 2012 on Friday, May 8th and is now facing a new charge of witness intimidation. Hernandez allegedly shot an unnamed witness to the 2012 Boston killings in the face after the witness spoke about the incident. After being shot between the eyes, the unnamed witness was allegedly dumped on the side of the road and Hernandez then took off.

Though the reports are not identifying the witness that was shot, an ex-friend of Hernandez–Alexander Bradley–has sued him for being shot on or around the same date that the witness shooting took place. Putting two and two together, it makes since that this ex-friend may be the unnamed witness.

Definitely an unfortunate situation for those that are involved and it has to make you question what other stories will come from the Aaron Hernandez saga.


Source: Associated Press