Mariah Carey

Such a legendary singer such as Mariah Carey is obviously going to have millions of fans who love and adore her, but this Mariah fanatic might have taken the cake! A man who goes by Eric Meier, who is a popular jeweler, wanted to prove to Mimi that he is her biggest fan so she gave him the opportunity to attend her Las Vegas show at Caesar’s Palace. Much to her surprise, he showed up gifting her with $4K black diamond drop earrings in an 18 ct. rose gold setting. Just like any other woman, diamonds must be Mariah’s best friend because she was so happy at the gift that she could not stop smiling from ear to ear! We’re sure Meier got a hefty discount on the diamond earrings due to the fact he sells them at his shop, Diamonds Don’t Lie, but it’s still the thought that makes his gesture 100x more special.

Check out Mariah’s new ear bling over in the gallery!

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Source: TMZ