Leave to good ol’ Andy Cohen to get some great juice from Sean “Diddy” Combs. During a stop by the Watch What Happens Live! show, Diddy opens up about a multitude of topics. He talks Biggie, how he feels about Kanye West’s antics in the name of Beyoncé, Iggy Azelea, Empire possibly mimicking his life and his lack of excitement for marriage in the future.

“I think you have to be ready for it,” Diddy says about marriage. He’s not sure if the jumping the broom aspect of life is necessarily for him. He is, however, up for “the Goldie Hawn” … who was in a relationship with Kurt Russell for 30+ years and never married, but lasted … and a love contract; a love contract that he wouldn’t mind paying out SOMETHING, upon the proper “agreement”. Hey, if Cassie is good with that, I say go for it. Hell, they look good together in those 3AM campaign photos.

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